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Oh Happy Dave

By 26th February 2009April 10th, 20173 Comments

It’s true, everybody really does know a Dave.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, they’re usually fun guys (perhaps this is because they shorten their name and all name shorteners are instantly cool). T-shirt designers from Balcony clearly know some Daves. They’ve brought out a range of t-shirts called ‘What a difference a Dave makes’, so that you can proudly display the fact that you know a Dave, or maybe….you even are one. I was once out with a friend when we accidently found ourselves in the midst of a private birthday function, and to make matters worse ended up face to face with the birthday boy himself. Obviously, he had no idea who we were, and aside from knowing that it was his birthday party, we were equally clueless.

 Thankfully we could rely on the high probability that everyone knows a Dave, and cautiously said ‘erm, we came with Dave’ , to which birthday boy replied (proving our theory),  ‘Aaah, Dave!  Yeah, he’s a cool guy’. The fictional Dave had saved us from a rather awkward situation, and who knows, maybe we did even walk into the room coincidentally with someone named Dave without even realising it (this was our justification after feeling a bit bad for lying). Always there in times of crisis, that’s a Dave. So head down to Balcony and get you hands on a Dave shirt, today-ve.

If you're called Dave this shirt is a wardrobe essential

If you're called Dave this shirt is a wardrobe essential


  • dave says:

    well kate, it seems balcony has treaded into our territory.

    dave and i wonder where they got there ideas from… perhaps?

    • Kate says:

      I like your Dave shirts, who knew that so many Dave witticisms were possible?! But I think you should bring out a ‘Kate’ range too – my name feels a bit neglected

  • david says:

    disappointing that indigo would promote a site that is obviously ripping off a small business….