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Not so Baby Cakes

By 2nd March 2009August 3rd, 2018One Comment

All the best things start off in small packages. I’m thinking along the lines of inflatable rubber rings, tents and build-it-yourself furniture. Then there are those things that start off small and stay small because they’re so perfect that way: like sushi. They may now be specialists in music, design and parties, but BabyCakes all began in a very small way, in fact, it all began in a bedroom – the bedroom of a man called Paul.

Describing themselves as being “spawned by an orgy of glitter, flashing lights, icecream and electro pop”, BabyCakes have joined an emerging trend of fusing design with music, and have homegrown from being internet based outfitters to having their own Manchester flagship store. Add to this BabyCakes records and BabyCakes parties and you’ve got the BabyCakes kingdom: “a land where popsicles fall from rainbows and people dance in submarines that float in outer space.”  Not for the fainthearted, the designs on these t-shirts are bright, bold and full of print. If you wear these, you’re going to get noticed. Their trademark is the upside down “Baby Cakes” speech bubble, but the design doesn’t stop there. To indulge in a bit of fantasy try on a ‘Play in the Clouds’ tee, or if you’ve got on your dancing shoes/underwater flippers, go for a ‘Submarave’ where you could wave one of these personalised ‘Bbycks is Bttr Thn Ur BF” glow-stick.

Into body art? BabyCakes have temporary tattoos, and they even do gift wrap. And as if that wasn’t enough, BabyCakes are also great party organisers, and to show just how well they’ve been doing – their next party is scheduled for April 9th, in Hollywood, LA. Clearly no longer a baby cake, BabyCakes seem to now be more of a well matured fruit loaf, though that doesn’t really have the same ring to it does it?

Yes, they do sunglasses too!

Yes, they do sunglasses too!

One Comment