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Time for a Costume Change

By 9th February 2009April 11th, 2017One Comment

Sometimes it’s inconvenient to change your t-shirt, maybe you’re wearing mittens, maybe you’re in a public place, or maybe you simply don’t have another clean one. The trouble with having to wear something all day long is that a day is a long time. After a good three hours you can get so bored of looking down and seeing that same old shirt you threw on this morning that by the time you come to your 11am coffee break you’re desperate for a wardrobe change. With Paul Frank’s ‘Dress up Julius tee’ a quick costume change at any time of the day is no problem. Julius, the little monkey motif of Paul Frank is screenprinted onto this plain t-shirt, along with some heat transferred fuzzy squares of hook and latch. Upon purchase you should find a little plastic pouch attached to your t-shirt containing a selection of costume changes for your Julius. What do you feel like being today? With the ingenuity of Paul Frank designers, you can dress Julius up as an astronaut, firefighter, superhero or even a Beatle lookalike rockstar. Select your persona, stick on Julius’s costume, and you’ve changed your t-shirt without actually changing your t-shirt. Magic.

Julius: the first monkey on the moon

Julius: the first monkey on the moon

One Comment

  • Tina From Soft Surro says:

    Very creative. I like this post. I believe that some people can get so bored of looking down and seeing that same old shirt even in just a few hours of wearing it. This is definitely the answer.