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Try something new!

By 18th April 2007April 11th, 20172 Comments

So I’m in the office for one day only as I’m here on a Workshadow program from Loughborough University. I’ve had the pleasure of shadowing Jo as she goes about her daily work routine, which has been great so far…… but now she’s asked me to write a blog, so I’m hoping it goes ok.

Coming from Loughborough Uni ‘stash’ means everything! Whether it’s which sports team have the coolest kit, which halls of residence have the best fresher’s or leaving t-shirts, or who can come up with the most original 21st Birthday designs; what you wear shows who you are. But saying all this, I’ve noticed that the type of clothing chosen tend to be the same basic t-shirts, hoodies or polo-shirts, probably down to students being a little lazy and choosing what other have before them.

So why not try something new! Stand out from the crowd, be original, and go for a different look. Indigo have some great t-shirt options such as the distressed and vintage look, there’s even a men’s Inside-out design. Move away from the hooded sweatshirt and try Indigo’s urban jacket or jacket with stripes, and for those who want to really stand out why not try embroidering or screen printing some half mesh truckers caps. Indigo are also proud to stock products from Hanes endorsed by the likes or Michael Jordan and Jennifer Love-Hewitt; and American Apparel, so take the time to look, choose something you will be able to wear more than just a few times. Look the part, try something new!

Post by Adam Beaumont, Loughborough University, Sports Science with Management, Year 2.


  • Mr Smith says:

    What a wonderful blog, it has inspired me to try something new, thanks Adam!

  • Nick "the chief" Hudson says:

    I agree with the comments in the blog…id like more students to break away from the usual tshirts and hoodies. i love the mesh caps idea, but one of the key things with students – they would have to be very cheap, or free, but im sure if they were bought in a large enough quantity, the price would be reasonable.

    On a blog level, this is possibly the best blog ive ever read…the author deserves recognition

    peace out