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By 2nd April 2007April 11th, 2017One Comment

As well as buying organic t-shirts (excuse shameless plug (and pun!)), if you are keen to be more eco-friendly these days (and aren’t we all, otherwise how can you sit around at a Wandsworth dinner party and not trump Marjorie’s claim that she recycled 50 plastic ice-cream tubs last week?), then pop over to the website run by climate campaigner Rob Bell, a Londoner who beat hundreds of applicants to become an Ambassador for this year’s Ben & Jerry’s Climate Change College.

The campaign is attracting media attention and charity WWF report that:

Rock superstars the Kaiser Chiefs were the first to sign an online petition putting pressure on the mobile phone industry to abolish energy wasting phone chargers – which fritter away enough electricity to power 65,000 homes every year in the UK alone.

If you are not fussed over the green aspect of the campaign then just think of the money you’ll save on the electric bill. I think the campaign slogan would be more effective it was something like, “Unplug your phone charger – get a free pint!” Catchy?

One Comment