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Watch a Western, Wear a T-Shirt

By 12th October 2008April 10th, 2017One Comment

What do you do on those days when everyone’s busy? Like a spare piece you’re left lonesome and depleted. Not knowing what to do with yourself you wander around, you sit down, you stand up, at some point you’ll usually find yourself peering into the fridge even though you’re not hungry. Instead of wasting your time in the act of aimless house wandering, why not watch a Western…spaghetti or otherwise? Usually focussed on the cowboy, lone-ranger figure who will strut through the swinging doors of a saloon, have some kind of brawl or shooting match, play some card games, chew a piece of straw and rescue a damsel in distress, this genre of film will surely amuse anyone at a loose end. So get yourself comfortable, press play and enjoy a good few hours of Clint Eastwood tight ropin’, straight shootin’, fast ridin’ and hard drinkin’. Afterward, when you become convinced that you yourself could be a cowboy and star in your very own Western, slip into one of these Sixshooter T-Shirts by Jon Wye – two pistols, no holster required. Get into character, adopt your very best slick cowboy pose with that tatty straw hat from last summer and a piece of dried spaghetti pasta between your teeth…oh and make sure the curtains are closed.

No holster required!

One Comment