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You won’t find strawberries and cream here

By 20th October 2009April 11th, 2017No Comments

Did you see anyone wearing one of these t-shirts during the US Open 2009? You did?! You can not be serious.



Johnny Mac, sounds like he could be a type of hamburger at a fast food outlet, actually American former World No.1 tennis champion. He had artistry with a racquet and a lovely volley, but most famously, a raging temper. Ferocious, the beast of the tennis court, no one has yet deuced his on court temper which landed him in a few sticky spots during his career. Most particularly after his public unloving of umpire Ted James in 1981, who he affectionately referred to as “the pits of the world.”

These days Johnny Mac can be found in the commentary box/the BBC’s Wimbledon chat show bit, where he hones his already superb vocal skills of analysis and tennis critique. And thanks to Nike, he can now also be found on your chest…but only if you’re wearing the Nike MacEnroe Ace T-Shirt that is. This red and blue screen print of JM in his dashing sweat bands, wild, Heathcliff-esque locks flowing in the on-court breeze, ready to slam and smack some little green balls and have a few temper tantrums really captures the mid-80s Johnny Mac with style. If you’re planning on playing some post-US open matches, this t-shirt will undoubtedly enhance your performance, by giving your opponent an inner fear and you the ultimate advantage.