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Who Makes T-Shirts? We Make T-Shirts.

By 26th October 2009April 11th, 20172 Comments

WE MAKE T-SHIRTS kind of gives the game away. What do they do? Make T-Shirts. Who are ‘we’? They are Tony, Gill and Mike, Nottingham designers, printers and sellers – nestled in the hub of the creative t-shirt trade. ‘We Make T-Shirts’ was born during a busy University life of design, and since then has continued to grow and expand into proportions which might be (in fabric terminology) comparable to big billowy parachute. As the name suggests, for this company the ‘making’ of the t-shirts is a very important part of the creative process, and on their website you can find an intricate, almost David Attenborough-esque, documentary of the production process. Sleek. After watching it you’ll know exactly how your t-shirt came into the world, all the way from sketch pad to clothes tag. Some of their designs include….


“Paper Planes”


and my personal favourite…..”Tv’s”

But these kind t-shirters are also willing to print on request, so if there’s a particular style/colour combination you’ve got your heart set on then your wishes might just be accommodated. As ‘We Make T-Shirts’ begin to burst into stores in London (Lik & Neon Brick Lane), Sheffield, Nottingham and Birmingham (“Cow” Stores), their talent is getting some well deserved recognition and I think it’s time to jump on their bandwagon.


  • I love that “Salut” “Cubesville” and its beautiful design, i really very like it wholeheartedly, it really very good idea to design a very good T-Shirt, i very really thank ful to you for give a good idea.

  • it is really very good design, i really like it, and it is my openion if you change your “Cubesville” T-Shirt colouring scheme it looking very good. just use light colouring scheme please try it and desplay it i hope you will get a very good and posative responce, i am giving you a openion because presently i have a T-Shirts shope in Germany (Frankfort) and some people ask me about and mostly people like light colouring.

    Once again i am really very thank full to you for giveing a informatiable information.