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Apple Wars

The countdown in begun, Apple will blow its thirtieth candle the next first of April and to celebrate this event, Skwat launches an exclusive model ” Apple Wars ” limited to 300 copies. The T-shirt is proposed in presale at 39,90-euro, postal charges inclusive and available all around the world.

Do’s and Dont’s of Labelling

Via Fashion Capital: Businesses involved in manufacturing, importing or selling clothing and accessories need to be familiar with the labelling requirements. Incorrect labelling can be a criminal offence and retailers and wholesalers may refuse to accept incorrectly labelled items. Incorrectly labelled goods sent for export can be impounded by customs and refused entry. More useful […]

American Apparel in the Guardian

American Apparel get an interesting write up in the Guardian (UK Newspaper, known for their left of centre views, spelling errors, and of late new paper design). Dov Charney shounds like a very interesting character! We have mentioned American Apparel before but just to remind you, Indigo can supply American Apparel clothing at trade prices. […]


Threadless is an ongoing tee shirt design competition. Two to three designs are chosen every week from 300+ submissions to be printed and sold from their site with the winning designers receiving $500 in cash and prizes. The project was started in January of 2000 by two Chicago area designers, Jake Nickell and Jacob DeHart. […]

T-Shirt Stores

Always keeping an eye on the latest t-shirt stores with their limited edition, uber-cool screen printed wares is not one of the most tiresome tasks in life but it is made easier by a collection of handy blogs such as TeeJunkie, PreShrunk and Josh Spear (see the blogroll for more). Each time an interesting global-micro-brand […]

Bad Taste and Standards

We see many t-shirt designs every day and whilst we think of ourselves as a young, liberal minded company, we at Indigo draw the line at offensive and insulting imagery such as this design available on the US site Krudmart. We have standards at Indigo and place emphasis on protecting our brand and more importantly, […]

Colours for Autumn/Winter 2005

For the fashion conscious amongst you that need to keep up with this seasons new colours, Fashion-Era have the latest list of what’s hot, and what’s not, this Autumn: Autumn 2005 – Winter 2006 colour palette includes :- purple, aubergine, navy, midnight blue, hyacinth, ultra violet… teal blue, peacock, turquoise, duck egg, azure … rose […]

Skwat launch new t-shirt range

The Belgium t-shirt store Skwat has re-launched, offering exclusive t-shirts, stickers and e-cards. Kenza, the owner, works hard and has some great designs. More pics on Skwat’s flickr page. Well worth a visit if you like both flash web-design and printed tees with an Apple Mac/Japanese twist.

Charity T-Shirts

A number of US sites have taken to producing charity t-shirts to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans. Thisismyblog has an excellent round up of the stores offering apparel. I repeat their list here: 1.) Threadless – Regrowth: Katrina. Request a reprint if you want one. Threadless will contribute $20 to the […]