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Charlie Chaplin. Fashion Icon.

This guy’s got it all. He was born way back in 1889, but don’t let his age fool you. What goes around comes around and Charlie Chaplin’s effortless style is no exception to that rule…though I’m withholding comment on his moustache for the moment. Starting from the top of his head Mr Chaplin oozes with […]

Pop Ya Collar: with a Polo Shirt

Long before Sue Barker started presenting Wimbledon, “Tennis whites” were popular sports wear. However, these long sleeved, button-up, flannel shirts proved to be a bit problematic for the physical demands of the sporting world. Fortunately for Roger Federer and Andy Roddick, the French tennis champion Monsieur Rene Lacoste created a new style of tennis shirt […]

Posh Suits You

It’s time to have a thorough cleanse of any residual laid-back-summer-festival scum. Yes that means wash and comb your hair, use soap, cut off those greying Glastonbury wristbands and have a good scrub because it’s time to get posh. The big-screen remake of Evelyn Waugh’s novel ‘Brideshead Revisited’ has inspired fashion designers to bring out […]

Not so Cheap Frills

I think that “ruffle” is one of the best words in the English language. It sounds just like it looks. A little bit squished but deliciously curved. With a note of sophistication it’s as delicate and affectionate as a high-class cupcake. This month you can use the word to your heart’s content, because ruffles rule. […]

Power Dress to Impress at the Ryder Cup

Ordinarily I wouldn’t instantly class the week of the golfing Ryder Cup as a landmark fashion occasion, but this year the European “Gwags” (you’ve got it, the Golfer’s Wives and Girlfriends) have been supporting their respective partners with both polite applause and a range of specially designed outfits. Surprisingly, the Ryder Cup is not only […]

Gnome Sweet Gnome

The bearded, pipe smoking, pointy hat wearing garden gnome has been a fully-fledged member of the botanical scene for years. Apparently, this iconic creature of folklore legend lived under toadstools amongst fairies. Famous for their hunched backs and generally deformed appearance, our medieval ancestors commonly believed that they were lead by King Gob, the ruler […]

Fashion Made Fair

Excuse the lack of blogging over the past week, I left London for a short break in France and have come back bursting with new ideas for blog articles. To kick off, I should bring your attention to a local event, almost a stone’s throw from Zeus House, called Fashion Made Fair. I quote: This […]

Colour Prediction for Spring & Summer 2008

According to Vogue, one of this season’s most fashionable colours is lilac (sugary shades). Alberta Ferretti explains the appeal of lilac, ‘Lilac is a romantic colour. It is sophisticated but also populist; it lets you dare without being loud, you can be noticed without being glaring.‘ Lilac personally reminds me of childhood! Here at Indigo, […]

Monday morning

A foggy, cold Monday morning in London today and the Waterloo and City line was packed with Gore-Tex ski-jackets. A tourist may have been forgiven for thinking he/she was in Chamonix rather than on a commuter train full of people in the financial services industry! Today is start of London Fashion Week. Maybe some of […]