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Imaginary Christmas

Christmas does feel like an imaginary kinda time, so I thought it only appropriate that the season should be marked, not just with hairy silver tinsel, twinkly lights and too much Cliff Richard, but also with an imaginary outfit. I am drooling over this one, more than ever. I’m not sure how glamorous Christmas is […]

Oxfords Street

Don’t be fooled by the sudden shift to sunshine. It’s April remember the….drip, drip, drop little april showers. A sure fire way to encourage the rain to return happens when Brits slip into their flip-flops before April is out. It might well be warm, your feet might be dying to smell the air, you might […]

Would you ever wear?

In January things can get a little heavy. The snow has stirred up some post-Christmas stress, everyone feels calorie dense, the resolutions didn’t really ever get going and it’s still really cold. So what we all need is a healthy dose of light entertainment, and I’m not talking charades. Let’s play a game of ‘would […]

Let them eat shoes

Only 216 years after her death, Marie Antoinette has become a style icon. Though it ended in a conviction of treason and the guillotine, her life of sumptuous excess and frivolity is something we’d all like to see a bit more of during the doom and gloom of recession. Looking good enough to eat, these Marie Antoinette inspired […]

Will these win your vote?

Something very big and very hyped has happened across the pond. You couldn’t really escape knowing that America picked its next president as election fever took over. On November 4th, millions of Americans woke up, flexed their fingers for the vote, but struggled to find suitable attire for the big day. Some will have opened […]

Killer Heels

They may hurt, but just think of the workout your calves are getting. This season the poor foot must brace itself for the ultra-high-heel. To make sure you select a pair which are really ‘en vouge’ pick those which look the most painful and elevate you to skyscraper heights. In fact so high that the […]

Tiny T-shirts and Pretend Shoes

Sometimes babies get the worst end of the stick fashion wise. Unable to read Vogue for a good few years, they’re completely at the mercy of Mum and Dad. Yep, it can get nasty. Some new parents dress their little critters head to toe in a mini-me outfit, others make their pre-speech kids wear t-shirts […]