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With 50% of the office having read, or attempted to read, the hotly anticipated ‘50 shades of Grey’, we can confirm our Indigo seduction rating was LOW.

Badly written, difficult to finish and to be honest, I have read dirtier scandal in Deidre’s photo casebook. Whilst it isn’t EL James’s bestselling book that has us 50 shades crazy this Autumn, there is another that has caught our eye. 50 shades of AWDis, including 5 Grey shades for all you Christian Grey fans out there! 

It’s a fabulously college hoodie, popular with students, sports teams and staff uniforms alike, a top seller of 2011-2012 – there literally is a colour for every occasion.

Why not please the inner goddess in you, and keep up with this season’s hottest hues?! Check out the berry shades ‘plum’ and ‘cranberry’, or take a nod from catwalk military themes with the olive green hoody or if being noticed is your thing, why not shop the new neon shades!