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Embroidery onto t-shirts

By 11th September 2012April 11th, 2017One Comment

We normally advise clients against embroidering onto t-shirts. The stitches pull the thin cotton inward where the needle enters and as a result it can often pucker or distort the logo or crest.

However, it is not an impossible task and this month Wilcom, an embroidery digitising software manufacturer, have a good article for embroiderers explaining how it can be achieved if the following factors are just right:

  • Digitising – how the original design is converted into a stitch pattern. Indigo use very experienced, UK based, digitisers as skimping on this essential part of the embroidery process can result on poor results.
  • Underlay and Backing – prevents the design from shifting and stops the fabric from moving or strecthing.
  • Framing – using a small frame is best.
  • Speed – a slow speed gives more control.

For those of you in the embroidery trade who are interested in reading the whole article it can be found at: How to embroider onto t-shirts

Often clients need military embroidery onto t-shirts for tours or expeditions, so Indigo recommend the use of the Gildan Ultra Cotton t-shirt which is heavier than most t-shirts and has the advantage of being available in over 50 colours.

One Comment

  • jason middleton says:

    Like you I’m not a fan of embroidering t shirts I much prefer to print them but thanks for the article. Gildan are also our T Shirts of choice.