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Bright White T-Shirts on Trend

By 20th September 2012August 3rd, 2018No Comments

 Now Trending at NYFW: Bright Whites by polyvore-editorial on

It seems that white is the new black on the New York catwalk and white is sure to be on display again during this year’s London Fashion Week.

Indigo Clothing are supporting this bright white trend by offering 25% off white t-shirts and other white garments (e.g hoodies, polo shirts).

To find out more, visit our Super Saver page which tell you more about the promotion which is available on the entire Fruit of the Loom and Gildan brands.

White t-shirts are also extremely well suited to the new DTG printing method which allows us to print short and medium runs, using full-colour artwork (such as photos of logos with gradients) without the need for expensive setup costs associated with screen printing.

The reason white tees are best suited to DTG prints is because the CMYK inks are transparent so if you print onto dark t-shirts, the base colour affects the way the colours in the print appear. Some DTG machines get around this problem on dark t-shirts by using an extra white ink cartridge to lay down a base for the transparent colour inks to sit on but this does mean that the print becomes quite thick.