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If you, like me, dread the thought of scouring card shops for celebration cards, Christmas cards, get well soon cards, happy dog birthday cards and…
28th November 2007
Client Services Team

Bye Bye Eskimo

Well... the time has sadly come for us to wave off our favourite Finnish Floozy.. Eskimo! Since starting at Indigo well over a year ago,…
7th September 2007

An office of blondes

We often find ourselves in confusing situations in the Indigo office, and I'm sure this stems from the natural and peroxide enhanced locks that grace…
19th July 2007
Client Services Team

Try something new!

So I’m in the office for one day only as I’m here on a Workshadow program from Loughborough University. I’ve had the pleasure of shadowing…
18th April 2007
Client Services TeamFun


We seem to have been through many nicknames for each other in the office. Pauline, Eskimo, Sainsburys, Sandy, Row-Row, Porkchop... just to name a few,…
22nd March 2007

House of Holland

London Fashion week always catches the eye of us girls (and Alex) in the office. Instead of this seasons stunning dresses, it was actually the…
23rd February 2007