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I’m not a plastic bag, but how long will I be ‘in fashion’?

By 21st March 2007April 11th, 201715 Comments

I am not a plastic bag

Anya Hindmarch’s £5.00 tote bag seems to have taken the environmentally conscious amongst us by storm, not to mention the fashionistas. With Hollywood’s A list celebrities all clutching what has been quoted to be this seasons must have accessory, its no wonder eBay sellers are already getting a good return on the £5.00 bargain. Anya’s initial 10,000 bags released on sale yesterday, sold out in 90 minutes.

The idea stems from a movement named ‘We Are What We Do’, formed in 2004 by Eugenie Harvey and David Robinson. The pair have published 2 books with environmental, community and health actions to help ‘make our planet and the people on it much happier’ one of these ‘actions’ includes ‘declining plastic bag’s wherever possible’. So, will the Anya bag be a success in helping the environment, or will it be a one season wonder? More bags set to be released in April from Sainsbury’s.

Indigo Clothing are always looking for ethical ways to help the environment, please check out our ethical policies or view the organic range.



  • Charly says:

    Are people gonan use this to help ‘ save the planet’ or just as a bag cos its cool? i don’t know but i think that the latteris probably more true…….

  • Mand says:

    I think you get both. Since buying jute bags I no longer use plastic bags but at the same time this is a very cool bag.

  • Angie says:

    It’s ok saying use this bag to help the Environment but, with the amount of shopping I get I would have to purchase about 5 of these bags & betting that there will be none left any way when they do decide to sell them in sainsbury’s
    or’s such a ‘con’ all we have to do is re-use our carrier bags we get with our shopping, my mum & me save the bags for the next time we go…simple!..

  • Cassandra says:

    I have to admit, I love the design of the bag. It is a bag that makes you feel like taking it out for a spin around the shops. However, I have to agree with the opinion that this might be out of fashion within in a few months time. The discerning shopper is always looking for something new to sling over her shoulder (or is that just me?). With that said, i do think it is a great alternative to a plastic bag.
    I think the movement to get rid of plastic bags is something we should all be apart of, in one capacity or another. I read in the news a few weeks ago that there is a school in the South of England banning children from bringing plastic bags to school. I have a small business which actually focuses on creating ‘fashionable alternatives’ to the ghastly plastic bag. The most popular is our waterproof swimsuit bag. In the past I have used plastic bags, but my luggage always ended up smelling and my clothes a bit damp. Not nice to find after suffering from jet lag and post holiday blues.
    I am interested to see how other companies and designers find fashionable designs to get rid of those pesky plastic bags.

  • debbie says:

    my daughter has one and she loves it she takes it everywhere with her but surprise surprise not one person has commented on it which has really upset her

  • Yvonne says:

    I was one of the lucky ones to get a bag this morning too, got to my local Sainsburys at 7.30am to a queue of over 50 people I was on my way out as and a lady told me to get a ticket – apparently not all Sainsburys nationwide were selling 30 bags per store this particular store was selling 239 and another was selling 500.

    I hope everyone enjoys their bags and maybe look forward to adding to their collection – other anya bags will be out in June from USA and Japan

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  • Mei C says:

    It totally non-sense people selling that for £255 on ebay, They are getting crazy to bidding on it.

    what the meaning of bag at the first place?????

  • Isa says:

    They will Always be in fashion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I use mine all da time and its such a bonus there enviromentaly Friendly

  • Jane Brown says:

    I think anything that cuts down on the number of plastic bags we produce, use then throw away is a great idea. I have recentle made a decision not to use plastic bags after learning how long they take to decompose, I think it is 125 years. I now even use biodegradable poop bags. If we all do a little it will make a big difference.

  • Alex says:

    For those people interested in Green issues, check out London College of Fashion’s ‘Green Week’:

  • Sally says:

    Hey, these bags look really cool. I don’t see why Jute isn’t used more; it’s simply BETTER than plastic. Jute has been used as a packaging material for centauries. I’m very into re-useable eco friendly products like these. I found some funky patterned jute bags too. It’s good that we’re now getting products like these designed that appeal to a wider audience. I have seen people who openly don’t care much about the environment and their affect on it carrying this style of bag. I’m not saying that’s the case of anyone here but I’m making the point that this sort of thing makes green issue popular with people who wouldn’t normally care. All good in my opinion.


  • Sophie says:

    I think it’s great that a well know designer went for this and that many celebrities and fahionistas around the world supported her by wearing the bag in public.


  • jessica says:

    Hi,i dont have a plastic bag yet but i really want one where do u get them from cuz i cant find them anywhere ? plz tell me