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I’m Katie, the work experience girl

By 14th August 2007April 11th, 2017One Comment

Hi, I’m Katie and I’m doing work experience for a week in Indigo Clothing. I chose to do my work experience at Indigo because I wanted to have a look at how a business works from the inside. I am hoping to study business studies at University, so I thought Indigo Clothing would be perfect!

I come from a small quiet seaside town in North Wales called Harlech, so coming to London and making my way here everyday is quite scary by myself, as I’ve only been to London a few times and was never alone! I’m also regretting watching Creep as I have to get the tube to and from here! I’m in college at the moment in Moreton Hall near Oswestry studying Business Studies, English Literature and History of Art. Indigo is a small company, with only 7 members of staff. This means that I can understand most aspects of the business.

I am now on my second day. Yesterday I spent the first hour and a half getting to know the other staff who work at Indigo, seeing what they do. After that I spent most of the day putting new clothes onto the website from Continental and American Apparel, which sounds like an easy task, but actually took me about 4 hours to do! The new clothes I put on the website are all organic and there are even some clothes made from bamboo! This morning I have put the images of the clothes into a folder ready to put onto the website!

More from me later in the week!

One Comment

  • porkchop says:


    I feel your pain,i too know the strains of uploading pictures and cataloguing…
    Even harder yet-rearranging the stock cupboards at indigo central…hours of hard,hard work.

    @ least u get to experience the true atmosphere of ‘The Office’
    Im sure the Indigo-go-girls are looking after your every need! watch out for some more than others 😉 before you know it they will be writing ur comments down on a post-it note…
    eg. Porkchop does Pilates….grossly untrue.
    Porkchop fancies Gary Lineker…should be obvious

    Refer to old blog post:

    Much love to you all,and i’m looking forward to the new office party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when is it??