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Look at my Legs

By 12th April 2010April 15th, 2020One Comment

Sometimes it’s a drag wearing tights, but you’ve got to shimmy them on. Especially if you’ve got legs like mine that are whiter than The White House, Washington D.C., U.S.A. If it ever gets warmish in the summer, passers by need shades otherwise it’s hazardous to look directly at my pins; they could blind you. Sadly, they never ever change shade. If they’d turn sun-kissed I might be less of a walking polar bear, but the sun won’t even kiss them. Poor leggies.

The world of leg-wear has however, suddenly come up trumps. Poor leggies are not poor leggies any more because they just got two new best friends: Les Queues de Sardines and Henry Holland.

With a helping hand from Les Queues de Sardines, leggies become fancy fancy. Slipping into a pair of these can transform them into anything from……


to the sky……..

to Lara Croft……..

to scary hairy monsters. Eugh.

Henry Holland might be a little less attention grabbing, but all the same the legs love them. Henry Holland enjoys making tights which are less opaque than the creations by Les Queues de Sardines. With this edge of see-through-ness, the Henry Holland tights will help you to learn your ABC’s in alphabet tights.

And following the new trend for “Mock Socks” – that would be tights pretending to be socks – Henry is your main man. His ‘House Mock Over the Knee Tights’ may be a mouthful, but more importantly they’re a whole legful.

One Comment