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Halloween doesn’t have to be scary!

The week of Halloween spells the transformation of Frank into Frankenstein’s monster, Derek becoming Dracula, Vera, a Vampire, and Percy going Pumpkin. For one night only everyone tries their best to look as frightening as possible. As I’m not a fan of the seriously scary…even the thought of sitting through The Silence of the Lambs […]

Bicycle Rider

(Photo: A Linus Bike) This morning I’m going for a bike ride. To the post office. To post a postcard with Prince William, Kate Middleton and a Union Jack on it to my friend in Germany. I’ll be dragging my pride and joy, with its squeaky front wheel, broken bell (ssssh, I don’t think that’s […]

Magnums & Swimming

We’re just days away from June, just days, and the second J-beginning month of the year means one thing to me: it’s officially summer. To jump straight into summer without pausing to see if the sun will shine, let’s think about swimwear. This summer I will be tanning my mozzerella skin in the tropics of […]

Stay On Your Feet T-Shirt

The economy is in a rut. We’ve just had the coldest winter on record. And Cadbury’s Dairy Milk has two less squares. But. Cometh the man. Cometh the moment. Ray ‘STAY ON YOUR FEET’  Wilkins. Last night in the Champions League was billed as the night of big clashes ‘Bale vs. Ronaldo’, ‘Harry vs. Jose’, […]

Imaginary French Intellectual

Can you believe that it’s approaching mid-year already? Maybe ‘mid-year’ is taking it a bit too far, but still, it’s almost March – and I’m still using each Monday morning to re-start my New Year resolutions. Back in December I promised to come to you with some exciting news in 2011, and here I am […]

“i’m leakin’ it”: Wikileaks t-shirt printing and the slogan fallout

This week marks the week that Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, gets the one seal of recognition that any mass marketed self respecting revolutionary leader must gain: the ‘Che’ style t-shirt. Hopefully screen printed and sold in every flea market from Brisbane to Bangalore. From a Wikileaks perspective hopefully not, as they venture into this […]